Regulatory Activity


Today, 8/16/2018, a federal judge in South Carolina ruled that the delay of the start of the Obama administation's Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule was not implemented lawfully. This injunction clears the way for the WOTUS rule to go into effect for 26 states, one of which is Illinois.

Indiana and Kentucky are covered by an injunction issued in June from a federal judge in Georgia that continues the delay of implementation of WOTUS rules.

Current Legislative Activity

Current Status

I asked my Representative, who is on the Energy and Commerce Committee, if the committee was planning any action on tariffs. He said it was a good question and anything they did would demand fairness from the other side, but there was no information with regard to potential action. I dug a little more and found out that there is not a lot of support among legislators for opposing tariffs.

I continue to hear that the Tax Reform bill is going to be taken up again because "some things need to be fixed", whatever that means. It remains a concern because our tax treatment will always be targeted for increasing revenue by eliminating depletion allowance and expensing of IDCs.

What can I do?

Tell your legislators that our tax treatment extends the life of producing wells and helps incentivize efforts to find new production. Taking away  that tax treatment will produce the opposite effect.

How do I find my member's contact information?

For Senators click on "Find Your Senators" at the top of

For Representatives go to "FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE" at the top of

If you want to see your member personally, the upcoming district work period will be  May 1 - 4 and then May 29 - June 1. Make contact with the member's office in advance of the work period to get the best shot at a personal meeting.

If those ways are impractical, send an e-mail to with your street address including zip code and I'll send you back contact information for your legislators.

 These letters are most successful if the offices are not receiving identical messages so it is great if you embellish the text. You might make it clear who you are, how this policy will affect you, and if you have, or can make, a personal connection, by all means do that. Just keep it brief because the people receiving this will not have time to give it a lot of attention.