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  The Independent Oil Producers Association Tri-State, Inc. is a successor to the Independent Producers and Land Owners Association Tri-State, Inc. incorporated in Mt. Vernon, IL on January 1, 1944. The original impetus for forming an association was to influence public policy relating to importation of crude oil from the Middle East and also to influence the framing of tax policy as it relates to oil producers.

Our Present

Today IOPA Tri-State, Inc. continues the tradition of its long history, concentrating on Federal policy by working with IPAA and the other 33 cooperating associations to advance our common cause in Washington D.C. 

Our Future

IOPA Tri-State, Inc. will continue to ensure that the independent producers of the Tri-State area will be represented at the Federal level and influence the framing of public policy in Washington, D.C.


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